If you want to learn how to make movies – you’ve come to the right place!

“In my opinion, Clapboard Kids Film is a great program! I’m really into making movies and other things related to that (e.g. stop motion), and this program had all of that. For all the sessions I’ve done Clapboard film, I’ve done silent films, stop motion, short movies, filming games, voice overs, and much more! It’s a great program, and probably one of my favourites. No lie!” Craig, 11 years old

“There are so many great things I loved about Clapboard Kids. I loved the way that we made short silent films at the beginning and then gradually worked our way up to learning filming terms, writing scripts, and making stop motion films! Clapboard Kids was an awesome experience for me and if you are looking for a totally amazing film making program…. Clapboard films is just for you!” Jenna, 9 years old

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