Timepiece – Documentary Film

Before starting Clapboard Kids, owner and main instructor, Valerie Weiss worked in a range of film production and post-production roles. This page features her documentary film, “Timepiece” which she made as Producer, Writer, Director and Editor.


TIMEPIECE is a film about inheritance. But, what begins as a story about a watch that the filmmaker inherits becomes a film about the less tangible things one can inherit from family. As the filmmaker explores her unique relationship with her mother, we hear not only a penetrating account of how her mother and grandparents survived the Holocaust in Budapest, Hungary, but also the gradual realization of how this experience continues to have an impact on the filmmaker’s life today.

Using a collage of images, which include old travel films which her grandparents shot during their travels of the world, as well as the filmmaker’s present home of Toronto; past and present blur – and one is presented with a haunting kaleidoscope of sight and sound, which ultimately moves beyond the confines of time.

In addition to the film, below you’ll find links to reviews of the film from various media outlets. If you have any questions about the movie, please feel free to contact Valerie through this website.



Film reviews and articles:

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